The European Commission is not a government!

Who’s going to be the next President of the European Commission? Guy Verhofstadt, Martin Schultz and Jean- Claude Juncker are among those hoping to be nominated, as they are supported by their respective European parties. The Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists (AECR) has decided not to appoint any candidate. Indeed, the procedure followed by other political families lacking in public support and legal authority.

The AECR believes that citizens do not want a federal Europe, but a Europe of Nations, in which each member state has a say. Citizens increasingly feel that their countries have already ceded too much power to the EU, that Brussels is out of touch and that the EU is moving in the wrong direction. The AECR doesn’t want to appoint any candidate for the presidency of the European Commission, as this would legitimize and support the concept of a federal and undemocratic Europe.

The Treaty of Lisbon says that the composition of the European Parliament will be considered for the appointment of the President of the European Commission. If, for instance, the socialists won the European elections, the German Martin Schultz could succeed Mr. Barroso. This new procedure, which seems to be a step towards greater democracy, is in fact exactly the opposite. Other parties want to apply a similar procedure to that which is common in many countries for the formation of a government: the leading candidate of the winning party becomes Prime Minister after the legislative elections. However, the AECR refuses the idea that a European executive should be chosen by a federal legislature. The EU is not a central government and should never besome one!

Each candidate nominated by a European party can only be on a list in his own country. He can therefore only be elected by a tiny part of EU citizens. A very large majority of EU citizens do not even know the candidates for the presidency of the European Commission!

Although the AECR doesn’t appoint any candidate, it obviously wants to take part in the discussions on the future of the EU. The AECR wants a fair election and the possibility to present its vision for the EU.

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