Déi britesch konservativ Partei ass grad wéi d’ADR Member an der Allianz vun den Europäesche Konservativen a Reformisten. Den 8. November huet de briteschen Deputéierte Geoffrey Clifton-Brown dës Ried gehalen:

Your Royal Highness, your Excellencies, Lords, Ladies and Gentleman, good evening and welcome. It is a great honour to be able to speak at this reception, with such esteemed guests.

Firstly I would like to congratulate the Grand Duke, on the recent marriage of his son, Prince Guillaume, to Countess Stephanie De Lannoy. May they have a happy and prosperous life together.

As a British citizen, it is wonderful to be in Luxembourg, which has shared such a rich cultural and historical relationship with Great Britain over the centuries. Throughout the 20th century it has been a key state in the development of the European Union. Indeed, Luxembourg was chosen as the first site of the European Coal and Steel Community, which represented the inaugural step along the path to where we are today.

Luxembourg is currently in a place which most of its European neighbours, including Britain, would dearly like to be. With solid economic growth, and an impressive GDP, a true European success story.

A good example of the relationship that Luxembourg and Britain share, is in 1876 a British metallurgist, Sidney Thomas, invented a refining process that led to the development of the steel industry in Luxembourg and the foundation of the Arbed company in 1911. Arbed has now become part of Arcelor Mittal, the largest steelmaker in the world which produces 8% of the world’s steel output.

I understand that Steel production is still highly important for Luxembourg.

I also understand that His Royal Highness attended The Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst in 1975, where I am sure he enjoyed the gruelling exercises that Cadets participate in! I have no doubt that this wonderful training has stood him good stead in his role as Honorary Major to the Parachute Regiment.

I am sure that the Grand Duke also enjoyed his most recent visit to the UK, where he attended the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in his capacity as a member of the International Olympic Committee. The sight of James Bond and the Queen parachuting into the stadium must have made him hope that should Luxembourg have the honour of hosting the Olympics, he would be able to find an excuse not to be at the opening ceremony!

On behalf of the AECR, I would like to congratulate the ADR on its 25th anniversary. The importance of the work that the ADR do in ensuring that Luxembourgers voices are heard should not be under estimated, and I think it is a testimony to this fact that we are here in Luxembourg holding our Council meeting.

The AECR are honoured to have ADR as a member. They are a model to others, as can be seen by their dedication and commitment to representing their country.

I have a personal message from our Prime Minister, David Cameron, who unfortunately could not be with us today.

He has asked me to convey the following message:

It gives me great pleasure to offer you my congratulations on the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Alternative Democratic Reform Party.

The world has changed a great deal since 1987, but throughout this period our two parties have stood firm in their common commitments to prosperity, liberty and justice. Together, our parties have offered a strong centre-right voice for reforming the European Union and we have shown a strong commitment against excessive political integration.

During this important anniversary for your party I congratulate you on all your achievements so far and wish you the very best for the future.

Your Royal Highness, your Excellencies, Lords, ladies and gentleman, it is an honour and a privilege to be hosted by our great friends from the ADR and to be here in these wonderful surroundings in Luxembourg.